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After surviving a freak incident with a stage light while performing with an orchestra, virtuoso musician John Coker makes music all on his own as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Renowned both for his work as a revolutionary sound designer/composer for theatre and as a solo artist, his latest is STOIC, newly released from Bentley Records in 2021.

John obsessively trained his way to becoming one of the top-tier classical musicians of his generation, completing postgraduate work at the esteemed Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. He became the victim of a freak incident with a stage light while performing onstage with an orchestra. This launched a permanent continuous migraine condition, requiring dark glasses at all times. He was diagnosed with PTSD. 

As a response,  during a long recovery period, John delved even deeper into music, assumed full control of his artistic process, and channeled his efforts into better connecting with his audience as a musical chameleon. Since then, he's utilized his masterful capabilities to craft a sound influenced by many, yet all his own. He's also renowned as a highly innovative sound designer and composer for theatre.


And, through years of deep meditation and therapy, he no longer suffers from PTSD; his diagnosis was officially modified to past-tense. 

He considers the incident with a stage light good karma, his metanoia, and is thankful for its beauty. 


1. Face the Night Feel Alright

2. Possibly Forever

3. Conduction

4. Candle Eyes

5. Can I See Your Face

6. Rose of Another Name

7. Eine kleine Not Mozart

8. Ashes to Ashes

9. We Will Someday Be the Ancients

On Stoic 

Crafted during 2020 quarantine, taking the idea of contrast therapy, this highly innovative album alternates between heavy, complex electric improvisations and intimate, simple acoustic singer-songwriter tunes. John dares to question the all-too-often stale standard practices of pop music sound design. 

Pulling inspiration from such disparate sources as Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Moroccan Gnawa music, and early Renaissance composer Guillaume DuFay, the result is an exercise in audacious-sounding, genre-proof music that is both visceral and endearing. 

"The invention is superb here making for a hugely striking and atmospheric sound."

- Various Small Flames,

"Damn big guitar work...some big time rock moments here that channel a lot of the greats."

- We All Want Someone to Shout For,

"In the best of all possible worlds, art would be unnecessary.

The audience would be the artist and their life would be art."
- Glenn Gould

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