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John Coker is a musician; a post-modern one-man band. Writing, performing, and producing original music and sound, his expertise extends from the purely acoustic world of the concert hall to the manipulation of timbre, space, and time via the digital recording process.

Combining prodigious instrumental and vocal technique with considerable compositional intellect, John is quickly establishing himself as a dynamic figure writing, performing, and producing original music all on his own for recording projects and theatre productions. Whether deftly maneuvering his voice between operatic projection and whispers, effortlessly wielding the massive double bass, or delivering layered sweeps of sound with an array of instruments, his atmospheric, often surrealistic style is lauded as both unique and deeply affecting.


"In the best of all possible worlds, art would be unnecessary.

The audience would be the artist and their life would be art."

- Glenn Gould

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